There are mainly three types of membership in the Limbuwan Study Center (LSC). They are:

  1. Patron Members
  2. Life Members, and
  3. Members

In addition, there is a provision in the bylaws of LSC that the LSC provides honorary membership to those individuals who have made outstanding contribution in support to achieve the LSC’s goal.



S.N Date Member Name Temporary Address Permanent Address E-mail
1. 2070-10-05 Ms. Dil Kumari Limbu
2. 2071-11-14 Ms. Sarita Limbu
3. 2071-11-14 Ms. Semima Limbu
4. 2071-11-14 Miss Ranjula Tenyung Limbu
5. 2071-11-14 Mr. Bhimsen Lingdam
6. 2071-11-14 Mr. Bhupendra Khudang
7. 2071-11-14 Mr. Tankaraj Seling
8. 2071-11-14 Mr. Santa Nembang