First Program of LSC inaugurated by Former Chairman of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung, Mr. Manjul Yakthumba

Limbuwan Study Center (LSC) is established in 2014 as a specialized body of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung (KYC). For establishing, meetings were organized many times in the initiative of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung to develop a concept note with assessing the needs of center as well as outline of its functions and structure.  In the initiative of KYC, finally a mass meeting was organized in KYC Central Office and that had decided to establish LSC and had duly formed an Ad hoc committee.

The members of Ad hoc Committee are as follows:

  • Arjun Limbu                       – Coordinator
  • Khagendra Jabegu           – Member
  • Dambar Chemjong         – Member
  • Raj Kumar Dikpal             – Member
  • Dambar Tembe               – Member (Representative of Kirat Yakthung Chumlung)
  • Prabin Panthak                 – Member
  •  Dil Bikram Aangdembe   – Member
  • Kamal Tigela                    – Member
  • D.B. Aangbung                – Member
  • Bhagiraj Ingnam              – Member
  • Tank Mabuhang              -Member
  • Bishnu Singak                 -Member Secretary

First Elected Committee of Limbuwan Study Center

The First General Assembly of Limbuwan Study Center

The Ad hoc Committee of Limbuwan Study Center (LSC) organized the General Assembly of LSC on February 10, 2018 (BS 2074 Magh 27 )at Lalitpur Chumlung Him, Lalitpur.

The General Assembly elected a new committee of LSC.

The Committee of LSC :

1. Chairman – Arjun Limbu

2. Vice-Chairman – Bhagiraj Ingnam

3.  Secretary – Tank Mabuhang

4. Joint Secretary – Prabin Pandhak

5. Treasurer – Dambar Tembe

6. Member – Narayan Ninglekhu

7. Member – Kamal Tigela, Phd

8. Member – Bishnu Singak

9. Member – Basant Kurumbang

10. Member – Prem Yekten (Representative of KYC)

11. Member – Dambar Chemjong, Phd

12. Member – Dil Bikram Aangdembe


  1. Chaitanya Subba, Phd
  2. Prof. Mahendra Laoti, Phd